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Welcome! This index will help you navigate this site far more easily for the information YOU need. As the site grows, so will the index. Please review ALL of the material, regardless of which emergency services sector you are in. Some of it may help trigger an idea for you to implement in your department.

Red is NEW Green is UPDATED Blue is Standard

Department Funding Opportunities
Grants for Non-Profits
Grants For Communities
2/11 DHS Equipment Funding
Fire Training Opportunity
LA Hospital Funding - Added 9/28
2 Government Grant Links
Domestic Violence Reduction Grant
EMS Training Grant through AHA

Departmental Needs
Hancock County

Disabled FF in need


Entire Gulf Coast
Ladder Trucks Needed For New Construction

Personnel Needed
Harrison County MS
Harrison County Jail Needs CO's

Hancock County - BSL Needs a Chief


Hancock County 911
NOLA DR Not Indicted
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Article Index
Pictures and Videos Collected
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FEMA Information

For Individuals

Resource Pages
Grandfamily/Single Parent Resources
Family Resources
Medical Resources
LA Family Resources
Education Assistance
Mortgage Resources
Furniture and More
Resources for Children/Childcare
Grants for Individuals - does not include homeowner or repair grants

Other Sites Related to Gulf Coast Emergency Services
Katrina Networking

Hancock County Agency Information
Gulf Coast Artist Relief Blog
Real People Relief

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hancock County 911

Supers rescue 911 program
Jul 20, 2007, 16:42
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County Supervisors voted to help out the near-broke Emergency 911 system on Wednesday. But for a long-term solution all the entities in the county will have to step up to the plate to support the emergency lifeline for the county, said board president Rocky Pullman. While sending funds to the Emergency 911 bank account, supervisors also County Supervisors voted to help out the near-broke Emergency 911 system on Wednesday. But for a long-term solution all the entities in the county will have to step up to the plate to support the emergency lifeline for the county, said board president Rocky Pullman. While sending funds to the Emergency 911 bank account, supervisors also sent a letter to the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland advising them of the pending crisis.Funding will be provided through county government's gaming revenue. Appropriated funds of around $150,000 will go to pay past due system maintenance contracts to the tune of $60,000 and help pay operating expenses and salaries through the month of August. Without the emergency action, the 911 system was in danger of shutting down.Budget calculations show that the commission had already spent 95 percent of the funds dedicated to office employee's salaries and three quarters of the money budgeted to pay radio operators. The commission had already spent close to seven times the original amount budgeted for internet services.In other business:• Spokesperson for the Bay Area Recovery Team Chuck Jung presented ideas that he says his group – consisting of 75 area business leaders who say their mission is to create an environment where the door is always open to "thoughtful" development – would like to see implemented. Jung called for combining of all county building departments into one county wide authority that, he said, could work much like the county tax office. The move would promote uniform code and zoning throughout the county, said Jung. Also requested was that the county reconsider and approve an interim development ordinance that has gone back and forth between county agencies for months. District 3 Supervisor Lisa Cowand called for the approval of the ordinance immediately, but the motion died for lack of a second. The ordinance spells out, in detail, the standards for future development in the county. It places the cost of infrastructure improvements for large development projects, squarely in the laps of the developers proposing the projects and places stringent guidelines on the design of those projects. Since it was originally presented to the county planning commissioners, the ordinance has gone through several revisions, at the request of the commission and the Board of Supervisors. It is available for viewing at the county planning office.Jung also asked that Supervisors reconsider the idea of a marina at the foot of Main St. in Bay St. Louis that will cater to pleasure boaters. Plans for the marina date back to studies done in the 1980's, he said. Commercial fishing boats would not be allowed in the marina that the group is proposing. • Port and Harbor asked that Supervisors approve a change in a lease agreement that they have for a facility at Port Bienville. The original lease named Port of Paradise Bay, LLC dba Paradise Bay Properties LLC as lease owners for the facility. The Port asked that the name on the lease be changed to indicate that Mike Cure and Cure Land Company, LLC are now the owners of the lease. • The Glen Stockstill family was honored with a plaque commemorating his life and service to the community. Stockstill lost his life in Katrina. He served on the Kiln Water Board and as a chief at the Kiln Volunteer Fire Department.• Supervisors accepted, "with regret", the resignation of Constable Ernest Taylor. Taylor has accepted a job with the Attorney General's office.• SRS was accepted as low-bidder for continuing debris cleanup at the recommendation of Neel Schaffer Engineers.• Supervisors took under advisement a planning and zoning recommendation to allow a zoning change from C-2 to Industrial on Stennis Airport Rd. Not details were provided on the businesses expected in the new district. Cowand asked that detailed plans be submitted before approval. Board attorney Ronnie Artigues advised the board to make sure that the change would not open the door for an inappropriate business to move in to the area, which is near Hancock High School.• Supervisors discussed the incoming Katrina cottages. Cowand suggested that they be allowed one for one to replace FEMA trailers. District 1 Supervisor David Yarborough asked that they only be allowed on private property owned by the recipient. Cowand said that approval should be on a case by case basis through the planning department to allow for people to place a cottage on a friend or relative's property. The majority agreed with Cowand's suggestion.• With invoices for engineering services coming into the county from three firms, Compton, CDM, and Neel Schaffer, Supervisors asked that each one present, by a Monday deadline, a detailed explanation of the scope of work covered by each firm to avoid a duplication of services.
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Bay advertising dept. chiefs’ positions
Jul 20, 2007, 16:48
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Bay city officials have decided to advertise vacancies at the top of the police and fire departments, throwing the slots up for grabs and possibly ending a troubling stalemate.
The ads also seek applicants for Fire Department captains, lieutenants and entry level personnel. That department has been in a high state of turmoil recently, undergone an administrative investigation, and still faces some unresolved volatile personnel issues.
A new chief building official, Tommy Keyts, is expected to be on the job July 21. His relocation from Winter Haven, Fla., was delayed by a couple of months, officials said, because he had troubles selling his home there.
Meanwhile, last Tuesday, as many as 18 of the Fire Department’s 21 fire fighters showed up at a City Council meeting in a show of concern of leadership within the force. About a third of the department is said to be on the search for jobs elsewhere.
The potential for personnel losses comes at a time when the department is supposed to be expanding to provide full coverage for a fire station to be built in the newly annexed area.
Controversy there came to a head with the retirement of Fire Chief Robert Gavagnie last month. Deputy Chief Pam San Fillippo has been placed in charge of the department by the mayor, although he has not appointed her as acting chief.
Fire fighters have met individually with the mayor, and some have sent correspondence to members of City Council seeking relief from what they see as an unsatisfactory work environment.
Mayor Eddie Favre said at one point he thought he had resolved the issues of concern to the force. But he later said the issues had gone way beyond what was originally presented to him. Last week, he promised to advertise the job, but didn’t say when.
“It’s a done deal,” said Municipal Clerk Harold G. “Buz” Olsen on Thursday, saying ads are to run in Bay St. Louis and Gulfport newspapers, as well as those in Jackson, New Orleans and Mobile. Notices also are to be posted in police and fire professional publications, Olsen said.
Olsen said the city is seeking applications for other posts in the Fire Department as well, because some of the force “have resigned or quit,” leaving some key vacancies.
Meanwhile, in the Police Department, the February retirement of Frank O’Neil from the chief’s slot led Favre to name then Deputy Chief Tom Burleson, immediately, to the position of interim chief.
He sought confirmation from City Council of that appointment, but a motion to confirm Burleson died for lack of a second during an executive session.
While council members said the city should advertise that position as vacant and consider applicants, Favre has refused to do so until this week.
An attorney general’s opinion recently surfaced, stating that City Council must affirm or reject all mayoral appointments to department head level. It also said council has that duty whether the appointments are permanent or “interim.”
In another opinion, the Attorney General’s office stated that once a mayor seeks appointment of a department head, council’s failure to confirm the appointee precludes reconsideration of that person for that slot.
Olsen said Thursday, however, that Burleson is eligible to apply for the chief’s slot because council never actually rejected him in a formal vote. Asked why Favre changed his mind on advertising the police chief’s job, Olsen said Favre simply wanted to “get it done.”
Favre was vacationing this week and not available for comment.
There are other personnel issues, meanwhile, within the Police Department. It has seen a series of resignations and retirements in recent months, draining decades of experience from the force.
There have been internal promotions on an “interim” basis, unconfirmed as yet. Those officers have assumed the duties of their new slots, but haven’t received raises to go along with the new duties.

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NOLA Physician Not Indicted

A grand jury on Tuesday refused to indict Dr. Anna Pou, the cancer surgeon accused of murdering four seriously ill patients following Hurricane Katrina.
Pou and two nurses were arrested last summer after an investigation concluded they killed four people with a "lethal cocktail" at Memorial Medical Center during the chaotic conditions after the August 2005 hurricane.
Lawyers for the three said they acted heroically, staying to treat patients rather than evacuating.
Charges against nurses Lori Budo and Cheri Landry were dropped after they were compelled to testify last month before a grand jury, under legal guidelines that kept their testimony from being used against them. They waived their constitutional right against self-incrimination.
The grand jury had been investigating the charges since March.

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Monday, March 19, 2007


Flood Safety Awareness Week

March 19-23, 2007

Washington, D.C. -- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-sponsored 2007 National Flood Safety Awareness Week, takes place from March 19-23. Within this week, Thursday, March 22 is Flood Insurance Day-the perfect time to remind residents about their flood risks, how to prepare and protect themselves as winter rainy season ends, and spring thaw, snowmelt, and hurricane season begins.

According to the NOAA National Weather Service's spring predictions, the upper Midwest is currently in the middle of its snowmelt. Warmer than normal temperatures in recent weeks have increased the risk of flooding due to ice jams over portions of the region.

Flooding is the nation's number one natural disaster, occurring both inland and on the coast. It's important to note that flash floods, inland flooding and seasonal storms flood every region of the country. Twenty to 25 percent of all flood insurance claims are filed in low-to-moderate flood-risk areas.

Flooding causes damage and destruction across regions nationwide-wiping out homes, businesses and personal financial resources. Property owners and renters need to know that they can take steps to protect their property and financial security before disaster strikes. However, many eligible residents are unaware that they qualify or that affordable flood insurance is available.

Residents can begin to take steps now to protect their home and assets from rising floodwaters at any time.

* Reduce your home's flood risk through home maintenance or improvements:

* Make sure gutters and drains are cleared. Clean and maintain storm drains and gutters and remove debris from your property to allow free flow of potential floodwater.

* Move valuables and sentimental items to the highest floor of your home or business.

* Install backflow valves in waste lines to keep water flowing in one direction.

* Protect your well from contamination.

* Anchor or elevate fuel tanks and elevate the main breaker or fuse box and the utility meters above the anticipated flood level in your home or business, so that floodwater won't damage your utilities.

* Make sure you have the right insurance: Review your insurance policies and find out what they do and do not cover. Learn the difference between replacement cost coverage versus standard coverage, which only pays the actual cash value of insured property. Be sure that you have enough insurance to cover recent home renovations or improvements. Know that most homeowners insurance polices do not cover flood damage, so be sure to consider flood insurance for both your structure and its contents. There is typically a 30 day waiting period for a flood insurance policy to take effect.

* Learn your flood risk. Properties that are not located within high-risk areas can also flood. Find out your flood risk right now by entering your address at "Assess Your Risk." Insurance agents can also help check your risk.

* Purchase a flood insurance policy. If you already have a flood policy, remember: your policy needs to be renewed each year.

* More than 20,200 communities in all 50 U.S. states and its territories voluntarily participate in the NFIP, representing about 95 percent of all properties in the nation's high-risk areas.

* Plan for evacuation: Plan and practice a flood evacuation route, ask someone out of state to be your "family contact" in an emergency, and make sure everyone knows the contact's address and phone number.

* Build an emergency supply kit: Food, bottled water, first aid supplies, medicines, and a battery-operated radio should be ready to go when you are.

* Inventory your household possessions: For insurance purposes, be sure to keep a written and visual (i.e., videotaped or photographed) record of all major household items and valuables, even those stored in basements, attics or garages. Create files that include serial numbers and store receipts for major appliances and electronics. Have jewelry and artwork appraised. These documents are critically important when filing insurance claims.

* Protect important financial documents: Store copies of irreplaceable financial and family documents in a safe place, preferably one that is protected from both fire and water. Documents include automobile titles, tax records, stock and bond certificates, deeds, wills, trust agreements, birth and marriage certificates, photos, passports and insurance policies. Keep originals in a rented safe deposit box. And don't forget the household inventory file!

NOAA's predictions state that portions of eastern South Dakota, eastern Iowa, southeastern Minnesota, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois are at risk of flooding. In addition, high soil moisture over northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania and extreme southwestern New York state could lead to flooding if additional heavy precipitation occurs. Also, there is a flooding potential for southeast Colorado because the soil moisture is high, due to the melting of an above normal snowpack, which resulted from record snowfall in the state in December and January.

Flood insurance is available through nearly 100 insurance companies in more than 20,200 participating communities nationwide. Everyone can purchase flood insurance - renters, business owners, and homeowners. The average flood insurance policy costs around $500 a year. And in low- to moderate-risk areas, lower-cost Preferred Risk Policies (PRPs) start at just $112 a year. Individuals can learn more about their flood risk and how to protect their property by visiting or by calling 1-800-427-2419.

FEMA manages federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates mitigation activities, works with state and local emergency managers, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program. FEMA became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


MO Fire and Rescue U

University of Missouri Extension Fire and Rescue Training Institute

MU Extension main page - generator story for TV and other related items
Tree damage web site
MU Ext EM program
Eric S. Evans
201 S. Seventh,
240 Heinkel Bldg
Columbia, MO 65211

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Financial Group For You

This group has mortgages, insurance, investment and savings options, credit cards and what they call Responder Rewards.
Becoming a member is free - but is ONLY for Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel - active, retired, disabled.

The rewards program saves about 40% on a couple hundred major retailers. There's a free plan and a $30/year plan.

Their "About Us" Page
Until First Responders Financial Services was established in 2005, there was not a financial company 100% committed to the exclusive interests of the millions of first responders and their immediate families.
Today with thousands of members nationwide, we’re able to offer first responders the best financial guidance and products possible.
And as our membership grows we will be able to bring better and more varied offering to the table of all first responders.
Our mission is to make the lives of our important American front line pros a little easier and better served by a company that cares only for them:
our firefighters,
law enforcement officers,
and their families

Our Mission
Our mission is simple yet critical. To bring financial services and products that are in the best interest of all first responders from every part of the country. And to do it with the same passion first responders bring to their jobs every day.
It’s our goal to make the financial lives of firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and nurses better than if they tried to go it alone.
First Responder Financial provides the following products and services:
Investments & Savings
Credit Cards
Responder Rewards

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Friday, February 16, 2007


NOPD's Communication Assistance

Only 17 months after. What lightening speed we work with!
Sent from Jenni


NEW ORLEANS – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Louisiana Governor 's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness have announced $2.26 million in reimbursement funds for repairs to the New Orleans Police Department's communications equipment damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

When the storm hit, extensive flooding caused damage to the department's two-way radio systems. Funds recently obligated will reimburse the department for repairs and replacements of more than 560 radios used for emergency services after and since the disaster struck. These include hand-held, mobile and desktop radios used in both police vehicles and inside police divisions located on Broad Street , Canal Street , Moss Street and North Claiborne , among
others. In addition to the radios themselves, many of the antennas, high-capacity batteries, microphones and earpieces were also repaired or replaced.

"When disasters like Katrina strike, it is imperative that the local police force remain able to communicate with citizens who need their help," said Jim Stark, director of the Louisiana Transitional Recovery Office. "Money obligated by FEMA will continue to help rebuild the infrastructure of New Orleans , including reimbursing the Police Department for the tools they need to service the citizens of this city."

When projects are obligated by FEMA, the funds are transferred to the state. This allows the state to draw down the monies and distribute them to the local applicants. The state may require additional documentation from the applicant before disbursals are made.

The Public Assistance program works with state and local officials to fund recovery measures and the rebuilding of government buildings, roads and bridges, schools, water and sewer plants,
recreational facilities owned by government agencies, some facilities owned by nonprofit agencies and other publicly owned facilities. FEMA can set aside money to bring each project back to its pre-disaster function and capacity, and the state distributes the money. In order for the process to be successful, federal, state and local partners coordinate to draw up project plans, fund these projects and oversee their completion.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Personal Appeal - Disabled FF Needs Help

My fiance,my two boys ages 3 and 12 and myself lost everything in Katrina as renters in Longbeach,Ms.We are now in our 3rd fema camper in Picayune,Ms.

My fiance is a disabled/retired fireman of 18 years and was injured in the line of duty saving someone from a wreck with the jaws of life in 1986. He has been disabled ever since and has had many surgeries on his back and knee.

We just cant afford the rent prices anymore so decided to spend every penny that we had saved to buy a piece of land to build a house.I am unemployed right now because the land will be my new job and source of income because it is a small blueberry farm,We have also started raising and selling American Bull Terrier Pups( it will be a few years before either brings in much money.We only make $1300.00 a month and had to put $12,000.00 on the land downpayment,we are so broke.

The land is in bad shape and needs a lot of clearing we have started but it is more than we can handle with our tractor and chainsaw,plus it is killing Davids back,there is a lot of big trees
down from katrina and the land and the blueberries are grown up.

We are looking for help to clear the land and to get our utilities put in,electric and sewer but mainly with the clearing,we cant even get to where the septic tank is going to be yet. It will have community water but we will have to run the lines from the road which is a pretty long ways.

We are also looking for any kind of building materials espically lumber.If anyone knows of any help for us, please email me:

For more info, go to their page at:

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